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Cleanse Apothecary 6500 North Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33304

(813) 374-0305


About Us

Cleanse Apothecary is locally owned by a dynamic duo who loves what they do and their neighborhood too! We opened our shop 10 years ago, adding to the Seminole Heights resurgence by being the first boutique to open along Florida Avenue. At that time customers would come in and ask us why we decided to open here?  We would explain " We live in the neighborhood and we believe in it. If you want to see change, you have to step up and be part of it and not just sit on the sidelines wishing. 

Flash forward to today. Cleanse Apothecary has been the leader of providing the best beauty and skincare products, including "Clean Beauty Products" to the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area. We take pride in hand selecting each item and you can rest assured that our highly sought-after brands leave out all of the junk.  From day one, our philosophy has always been " What goes on your body, goes in your body."  

Malls are for Tourists

Visit Cleanse Apothecary today and become a Cleanser and experience why you should shop locally!